How to Post a Carousel on LinkedIn: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn to post a carousel on LinkedIn with easy steps. This simple guide helps you share multiple images in one post to tell exciting stories to your LinkedIn network.

What Are LinkedIn Carousels?

LinkedIn carousels mean sharing more than one image in a single post. You can tell a story or share lots of information by making each image a "page" of your story. It’s a fun and simple way to share more with your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn.

Why Use LinkedIn Carousels?

  • Show a Bigger Story
  • Using carousels allows you to share more in a single post by showcasing multiple images or pages. This way, you can convey a detailed message or tell a longer story effectively.

  • Visual Appeal
  • A carousel post on LinkedIn grabs attention by offering a variety of visuals that viewers can scroll through at their own pace, providing a visually engaging experience.

  • Higher Engagement
  • With more content to explore, carousels encourage your audience to interact with your post, leading to higher engagement and potentially, wider visibility within their network.

  • Add Creativity
  • Carousels provide an opportunity to get creative with your LinkedIn posts. By creating a visual journey through multiple slides, you can present your content in an imaginative and engaging way.

How to Post a Carousel on LinkedIn?

Sharing a carousel on LinkedIn is easy if you follow these steps. Here is a simple guide to help you:

  • Make a PDF
  • Begin by creating a PDF with each "page" or image you'd like to include in your LinkedIn carousel. Ensure that each slide is visually appealing and easily readable, especially on mobile devices.

  • Go to LinkedIn
  • Navigate to the LinkedIn website or open the LinkedIn app on your mobile device. Make sure to log in to your account to start sharing your content.

  • Start a New Post
  • Click on the "Start a post" or the "+" button, typically found at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, to begin creating a new post.

  • Choose Your PDF
  • Select the document icon, usually symbolized by a paperclip or similar, then find and select the PDF you’ve prepared for your carousel.

  • LinkedIn Makes the Carousel
  • Upon uploading your PDF, LinkedIn will automatically convert it into a carousel format in your post, allowing viewers to scroll through the multiple pages.

  • Write a Caption
  • Add a caption to your post to provide context or share insights related to your carousel. Utilize relevant hashtags (#) to improve visibility and connect with broader LinkedIn topics.

  • Share Your Post
  • Finally, click "Post" or "Publish" to share your carousel with your LinkedIn network, enabling them to interact with your multi-page content.

And that's it! Your carousel is now on LinkedIn for everyone to see. Remember to check your post and talk to people who comment on it.

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