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Streamline your LinkedIn content creation with the best free AI LinkedIn Post Generator & Post Maker.

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Fernando Pessagno
Founder at aiCarousels, the first AI Carousel Generator ✨
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Introducing the Best Free LinkedIn AI Post Generator

Our LinkedIn AI Post Editor and Generator is designed to help professionals craft and enhance their posts with ease. This tool supports advanced styling and format editing, along impressive AI features.

AI Post Writing Assistant Features

Enhance your post's quality and engagement with our AI writing assistant, offering capabilities to:

  • Improve overall writing quality
  • Rephrase for clarity and impact
  • Correct spelling and grammar errors
  • Adjust the length of your post to meet specific needs
  • Simplify language for broader accessibility
  • Add relevant emojis and hashtags for increased engagement
  • Implement custom instructions to tailor the AI output

Preview your content in both desktop and mobile formats, ensuring your posts are optimized for all viewing experiences.

How to Use the Free LinkedIn Post Generator

  • Input Your Text

In the input field, type a topic or a brief text that you want your post to cover. This guides the AI in crafting content that aligns with your intended message.

  • Select a Template

Explore our collection of LinkedIn Post Templates, each designed for different professional scenarios. Select one that matches the message you want to convey, setting a foundation for your post. Check back often as we constantly update our template selection.

  • Generate Your Post

With your inputs ready, click the 'Generate' button. The AI will use your text, style preferences, and chosen template to create a tailored post.

  • Personalization and Edits

Review the post and edit it to ensure it mirrors your unique voice. Adjust the format, and use the AI Writing Assistant to adjust length, rephrase sections, and more.

  • Preview and Finalize

Use the preview feature to check how your post appears on different platforms. Make final adjustments to enhance clarity.

  • Share Your Post

Once you're satisfied with the final version, copy your post to the clipboard and share it on your LinkedIn profile.

Access the PRO ✧ Version

Upgrading to the PRO version unlocks additional functionalities including the AI Carousel Generator. But what distinguishes the free version from the PRO version?

  • Reference Favorite Posts πŸ“Œ

In the PRO version, you can paste any LinkedIn post from your favourite creators directly in the "Template" field. This feature helps tailor the AI's output to match the format and tone you are aiming for.

  • Upgraded AI Technology πŸ€–

While the free version operates on GPT-3.5, the PRO version utilizes the newer GPT-4, enhancing the quality of outputs.

  • Expanded Template Library πŸ“š

Gain access to over 130 templates in the PRO version. Each template is designed based on viral LinkedIn posts

  • Generate from Topic, Text, URL, YouTube, or PDF πŸ”„

Whether you’re repurposing text from blogs, URLs, YouTube videos, or PDF documents, the PRO version streamlines the creation process, enabling you to produce high-quality posts quickly.

  • Custom AI Instructions ✍️

In the LinkedIn Post Generator PRO version, you have the ability to provide specific instructions to tailor the AI's responses to your unique needs and goals.

  • AI Image Generator πŸ–ΌοΈ

The PRO version introduces an AI Image Generator feature. Posts paired with images see a visibility boost of 15-20%. Make every post pop!

  • Unlimited Usage ♾️

The PRO version removes daily usage caps, allowing for uninterrupted access and usage.

  • Language Support 🌍

The PRO version offers support for up to 97 languages. Supported languages include EspaΓ±ol, FranΓ§ais, Deutsche, Italiano, Nederlands, PortuguΓͺs, Svenska, Dansk, Norsk, Polski, TΓΌrkΓ§e and more!

Sign Up for aiCarousels and access all the PRO ✧ features.

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