Advanced AI Generation

Generate posts directly from a Topic, Text, URLs, YouTube videos, or PDF documents.


Over 130 Viral Templates

Unlock access to +130 post templates, designed specifically to go viral on LinkedIn.


Reference Favorite Posts

Paste posts from top creators into the "Template" field and mirror their format and tone precisely.


Custom AI Instructions

Dictate specific instructions to the AI to match your unique style. Save them as default settings, for consistent future posts.


AI Image Generator

Enhance post reach by 15-20% with AI-generated images. Generate images to complement your posts with just one click.


Preview Posts

Ensure your content looks perfect on both mobile and desktop before going live. Preview and make adjustments in real time.


Post Formatting Tools

Apply bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and more to make your content stand out.


AI Writing Assistant

Select text for the AI to adjust length, rephrase, or enrich with emojis, hashtags, and more.


Support for 97 Languages

Expand your reach with support for 97 languages, including Español, Français and many more.

Shushant Lakhyani
The tool is indeed an amazing one for people who want to create carousels for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.I've been using it since 2 weeks and one of my LinkedIn posts got 150,000+ impressions by using the carousel created by this tool.
Sam Bax
I just paid a content creator on Fiverr to make me a load of carousels and ngl the stuff that your product has made for me is much better. Oh I wish I found this a couple weeks ago!
Chiara Dragonetti
May 27, 2024
The software is good, the support amazing!
Sebastián Sierra
Previously, I found creating carousels to be a daunting task, but aiCarousels.com is not only going to elevate my online presence but also save me valuable time.
Oct 15, 2023
For anyone starting a creator’s journey on LinkedIn, I would highly recommend aiCarousels. I simply love the tool. You can create stunning carousels in few minutes. The designs available are amazing and the tool is very user friendly!
Aaron Olson
Oct 15, 2023
It absolutely makes creating content on LinkedIn so much easier.
Daniel Kading
Oct 15, 2023
The UX is so much easier to navigate than what the competition offers. I’d highly recommend this platform to anyone that doesn’t have the time or just simply doesn’t want to waste time designing carousels. It’s a fantastic setup!
Olga Pechnenko
So easy to make! I use them to post on LinkedIn. Pretty and take no time to make. Thank you!!!
Carmen Vilchez
This product is great! Thanks for developing it. I've tried it, and it's simply amazing how easy it is to use.
Bjion Henry
May 21, 2024
Truly awesome product. It's just a never-ending rabbit hole of discoveries which help to save you time and money.
Luke Matthews
July 12, 2023
Pretty awesome tool, it did a pretty dang good job!
Ali Mirza
April 29, 2024
aiCarousels is the best tool to generate carousel posts for social media. I am not a designer and it's perfect for me. I can generate graphics from simple text prompt and it will also design & brand it for me properly.
Elizabeth Greene
April 24, 2024
Everyone knows it's good to repurpose content, but it can be a pain. AI is great but aiCarrousels takes it to a whole other level! I had messed around trying to create custom GPTchats or other much more expensive tools but they all fell flat. But with aiCarousels there are so many built in repurposing options and it gets it right with little effort from the user. Absolute game changer!
Eshan Shukla
May 10, 2024
Fernando is inspiring and listens to the feedback of the users and is always prompt with responses. I would love some minimal designs to be added along with font resizing options.
Ian Kelk
The carousel editor is so slick and sophisticated I'm rather blown away that it's the creation of just one person!
Katerina Danilova
Even though I can use Figma for it, this tool helps to make carousels quicker, which is super beneficial.
Shivani Shendkar
I love how you tackled the challenge of personalization for non-designers. The Text Auto-Resize are pure genius!
Sandra Djajic
As a carousels enthusiast, your product looks great!
Jim Carter III
November 14, 2023
Really high quality tool with a beautiful output for carousels. The Founder is passionate and responsive to make it a great tool!
Michael Heap
Oct 20, 2023
Super slick product, gets better by the day (and what I signed up for already wowed me!). Also, super responsive founder who really gives a damn and is committed to making awesome products. By far the best way to make carousels on LinkedIn.
Yetunde Shorters
Oct 15, 2023
aiCarousels is the perfect tool for busy Entrepreneurs with loads of content and no time. It's an absolute time saver. Fernando has been exceptional with his customer service and gone above and beyond to make this tool a timesaver. WELL DONE!
Mary Rumyantzeva, PhD
I've just bought the subscription and started using it for my company. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know who has struggled with carousels!
Carlos Souza
Amazing product, love it!
Aadi Fernandes
May 6, 2024
I've run away from carousels for the longest time because I hated the idea of spending hours designing it. But thanks to Fernando (he is awesome), I've started posting it every single week, without much effort, and with amazing and convenient designs too! I love everything about this. There are so many design and font styles which can make it unique, and the entire website is intuitive to use! I try finding faults every single time I use it, to make it better, but so far, it's just been flawless, which is rare, because I heavily scrutinize everything! And that's not it, there are so many other features like idea and post generators which add to the awesome experience. The best part is that he keeps adding new features to make it even better. I recommend EVERYONE to try this out at least once (because once you do, you won't go back FR)!
Vendy Steinberga
February 27, 2023
Even though LinkedIn carousels are so freaking powerful, personally I haven't made the most of them... until I discovered this amazing tool.
Neel Patel
April 24, 2024
I first interacted with aiCarousels and the AHA moment was so strong that I immediately went on LinkedIn to brag about it. This speaks volumes about the product. I want to talk more about the founder though. He does magical things. He's been consistently shipping new features and making sure all customer feedback is incorporated. Lot of love from India :)
Hank Barker
May 25, 2024
The site is so easy to use and perfect for creators looking to create quality content faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the LinkedIn Post Generator?

Go to the editor and click on the 'menu grid' icon, located at the top left corner of your screen to access additional bonus features, including the LinkedIn Post Generator.

How Does the Draft Management and Autosave Feature Work?

Never lose progress with our autosave functionality. You can save multiple drafts and easily resume your work by loading saved drafts, ensuring you never lose a single change.

How to share my post on LinkedIn?

Once you're satisfied with your LinkedIn post, simply press the "Copy to Clipboard" button to share it on LinkedIn.

Can I style my LinkedIn posts using this tool?

Yes, the tool supports formatting and styling options like bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, bullet points, and numbered lists. You can also organize lists in ascending or descending order for better post structure.

Is it possible to preview my posts for different devices?

Yes, the tool includes a LinkedIn Post Preview feature, allowing you to see how your post will appear on various devices before publishing.